Frequently Asked Questions
Data Storage
Q: How much data/space do you get?
A: Data within BuildSourced is currently unlimited.
Q: Can we extract/import data?
A: Yes, a user of BuildSourced can extract/import data through our mass upload features.
Q: Is the data encrypted 'at rest' and 'in transit'?
A: At rest data is not encrypted as it's constantly accessed and used. We are A+ grade by QUALYS SSL LABS and using HTTPS protocol. Please refer to the following link:
Q: Some sites charge for uploads, some for downloads, and some for any 'traffic'. What are BuildSourced's charges related to bandwidth?
A: No additional charges. Pricing is an annual subscription.
User Access
Q: Does the solution support single sign-on?
A: We are not supporting single sign-on at the moment and the sign-on is user specific to site. BuildSourced designed the product with the intent to have permissions from Site Leaders (i.e. Site Managers or Superintendents), and Site Users (Field Engineers). This allows for multiple work flows and permissions when moving assets between projects, yards, or to our public marketplace.
Q: What is your vendor support structure? How many days can we contact someone for help?
A: We offer support all day every day.
Q: What is your hosting model?
A: We use a secure cloud based (AWS) system.
Q: Would we be single tenant? Would we be sharing the same computer space as other customers?
A: No everyone gets their own computing space.
Q: Is your site mobile accessible?
A: It is a responsive website accessible through any phone's or tablet's supportive browser. We will be creating APIs down the road to integrate with iOS and Android based devices.
Q: Are iOS devices supported?
A: Yes, since it's a responsive website.
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