We make your assets work harder for you.
Industrial companies from logistics to construction and utilities, as well as governments and transit systems, rely on their assets - equipment and material - to make things happen.

These assets are on the move among locations plants and projects, so it's almost impossible to track and manage them efficiently. Until now. BuildSourced's unique technology tracks all your equipment, tools and assets, including their location and availability, so that your assets can work harder for you.
We use today's and tomorrow's technologies - Internet of Things (IoT), mobile, and customized QR tags -- to connect your assets via the cloud into a sophisticated asset management system. Our asset management platform provides data analytics that impart strategic insights about your equipment and material.
This is how we help make your assets work harder for you.

While the BuildSourced asset management system is sophisticated and secure behind the scenes, it's brilliantly simple for you and your team to use.

Just put our QR tags onto any piece of equipment and scan the tags with your mobile phone.

Your asset information is captured and available to be shared and analyzed enabling you to make smarter and immediate utilization decisions.

Instantaneously, the data is presented in a clear dashboard; a satellite map pinpoints every asset's location. You can track the value, usage, location, history and availability of each asset.

And, when you need to dispose of or acquire new equipment or material, just click to the BuildSourced online Marketplace to sell, buy or rent equipment directly with other BuildSourced members.

We believe that your assets need to work harder for you. And it’s also how we work – with our customers, our partners, our employees and our communities. At BuildSourced we are dedicated to a simple set of core values that steer our actions every day.
Looking toward the future, in service to our customers.
Pushing ourselves and each other to do better, working hard.
Doing our research, keeping an open mind, educating ourselves and others.
Listening, asking questions, respecting others, team-oriented, having fun.
Staying true to ourselves and our word, generating trust.
Austin bio image
Austin Conti
Austin brings deep experience in business development, operations and development for public and private clients in infrastructure, power, building and environmental projects. He has demonstrated leadership and entrepreneurial spirit, which contributed to success in his previous roles in domestic and international business expansion. Austin has a Bachelors in Business Management & Entrepreneurship from Babson College.
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Jose Cueva
Co-Founder, Strategic Initiatives
Jose’s first-hand construction experience lets him understand the challenges that industrial companies face in the field. He has architected and delivered innovative solutions to complex engineering challenges, and designed BuildSourced’s cloud-based platform solution. Jose holds both a BS in Civil Engineering and a Master’s in Construction Project Management from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.
Kristen bio image
Kristen Olson
Kristen brings experience in start-ups and over 17 years in Human Resources. Her creative mind and non-traditional background drive innovative solutions to business leadership and to human resource management. Kristen attended the General Manager Program at Harvard Business School and has a BFA from Syracuse University.
Mike bio image
Mike Cook
Michael has over two decades of experience transforming industries through the development of new technology, products, and solutions.  He pioneered the conversion to IP in worldwide voice networks under his leadership at Bell Communications Research and Telcordia.  At Comcast, he innovated new IP-based technologies to run atop cable’s channelized QAM-based networks.  And now, at BuildSourced, he is creating new, industry leading, ways to use the Internet of Things to revolutionize Asset Management.  Michael has over 20 patents spanning wireless, voice, video and general protocols.  He earned his Masters in IT-MIS from Harvard.  He is a graduate of Gettysburg College with a bachelors in Business.
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Dan Kohn
VP Marketing
Dan’s career spans marketing execution through brand strategy. In 15 years at Pitney Bowes, he helped grow the small business division into the fastest growing unit in the company. He brings skills in digital and traditional media, branding, and product development for the digital age. Dan has a Columbia MBA and a BA from Wayne State University.
Juan bio image
Juan Perez
VP of Operations
Juan is a decorated Special Forces combat veteran and an expert strategic and operational planner and leader. His focus, attention to detail, and robust management skills enable him to create and deliver seamless experiences for BuildSourced customers, ensuring missions accomplished on target. Juan holds a Masters of Strategic Security Studies from the National Defense University.
Tahir bio image
Muhammad Tahir
Lead Developer
Muhammad is a seasoned technology developer in software engineering, product development and continuous improvement. His background includes leadership roles developing new applications for e-commerce and digital trading start-ups including PinchMe, CollegeBound NetWork, TradeKing and Scivantage. Muhammad earned his MS in Computer Science from City University of New York and an MSC in Computer Science from COMSATS.
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